10 Folate-Rich Fruits

Folate is an essential nutrient which helps promote fertility in both men and women and is a very important nutrient in pregnancy to promote healthy cells and prevent birth defects. These ten fruits and veggies are rich in this nutrient.

Based on 100 gram serving: 
1. Avocado – 81 mcg
 avocado image by chadmiller via Flickr cc 
2. Guava – 49 mcg  
3. Oranges (California, Valencia)– 39 mcg 
4. Feijoa – 38 mcg  
5. Papayas – 38 mcg  
6. Pomegranates – 38  
7. Durian – 36 mcg  
8. Blackberries – 25 mcg  
9. Kiwi fruit – 25 mcg  
 10. Clementines – 24 mcg

    • Strawberries – 24 mcg
    • Plantains – 22 mcg
    • Cantaloupe – 21 mcg
    • Raspberries – 21 mcg
    • Bananas – 20 mcg
    * Nutrient data source: USDA

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