Health Benefits of Fried Chicken

Compared to red meat, chicken is considered healthy especially if cooked minus the unhealthy fats, and its cholesterol-laden skin removed.

These are some of the nutrition facts and health promoting goodness you get for every 1/2 fried chicken breast (86g), bone and skin removed.

1.       Energizes the body (Vitamin B3 - 64% DV)
Chicken is one of the food with highest niacin content, the vitamin which play an important role in energy production.

2.       Supports children's growth (Protein - 58%)
Meat, poultry and fish are high in quality protein. Half of a chicken breast can already provide more than half of the DV of protein,  a nutrient best known for its important role in human body growth and maintenance.

3.       Reduces risk of arthritis (Selenium -32%)
Research has shown that study participants who lack the trace mineral selenium in the body are more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis.

4.        Good for the heart (Vitamin B6 - 28%)
Chicken helps lower risk of heart disease and stroke through its rich supply of vitamin B6, which may help lower homocysteine levels in the blood. Research has linked high homocysteine levels to heart disease and stroke.

roast chook with chicken liver & rosemary stuffing by  jules:stonesoup.
image by jules.stonesoup via Flickr

5.        Maintains healthy bones (Phosphorous - 21%)
In addition to calcium, phosphorus is also equally important for bone health, and chicken can supply almost a quarter of the DV.

6.       Fights stress (Vitamin B5 - 9%)
Just like eggs, chicken also contains pantothenic acid, one of the nutrients which play a role in fighting stress.

7.        Keeps PMS away (Magnesium - 7%)
Studies have shown that some women with PMS seem to have a low level of the mineral magnesium in the blood. Those who ate foods high in magnesium had better mood and less water retention compared to those who did not get enough supply.

8.       Regulates blood pressure levels (Potassium - 7%)
Want to keep those blood pressure levels within normal range? Have some chicken, and you might also want to add a banana or avocado.

9.       Builds and maintain body tissues (Riboflavin - 6%)
The fourth B vitamin found in chicken meat is riboflavin. A deficiency in this vitamin results in soreness around the lips, mouth and tongue, cracking of the skin at both corners of the mouth and peeling of the skin, particularly around the nose.

10.       Helps improve appetite (Zinc - 6%)
Do you have a picky eater at home? Serve him chicken regularly. Not only will it help him grow taller, it will also improve his appetite.

* Nutrient Data Source: USDA

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