10 Magnesium-Rich Fruits

Magnesium is one of the macrominerals which is essential to good health. About 60% of magnesium is found in the skeleton, 25% in muscle, 7% in other cells and 1% in blood.

Magnesium may not be among the star nutrients, but did you know that it has a wide variety of functions? In fact, it is needed in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the human body. Together with calcium, it keeps the bones strong and helps regulate the body’s nerve and muscle tone to prevent muscle soreness, cramps and fatigue. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and is associated in energy production and protein synthesis.

The RDA for magnesium in adults is 420 mg/day for males and 320 mg/day for females.

Since magnesium cannot be made in the body, it must therefore be abundant in the diet for us to stay healthy. Sesame and pumpkin seeds, salmon and halibut are excellent sources of magnesium, and if you want to get it from fresh produce, look for the following fruits:

1. Tamarinds – 92 mg/100 g
2. Prickly pears – 85 mg

prickly pears image by kretyen via Flickr cc

3. Roselle – 51 mg
4. Lychee – 42 mg
5. Jackfruit – 37 mg
6. Plantains – 37 mg
7. Rowal – 32 mg
8. Durian – 30 mg
9. Kiwifruit – 30 mg
10. Sapotes – 30 mg
  • Avocados – 29 mg
  • Purple passion fruit – 29 mg
  • Bananas – 27 mg
  • Breadfruit – 25 mg
  • Abiyuch – 24 mg

* Nutrient data source: USDA

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